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Progress is being made to develop comprehensive data on fisheries subsidies. The OECD measures fisheries support policies in a consistent and transparent way across 40 OECD Members and other large fishing nations, which, together, represented 90 percent of global capture fisheries production, by volume, in the period 2018-20. Data are updated biennially and go back to 2010. 

Based on information from national authorities, the OECD Fisheries Support Estimate (FSE) database measures, describes, and classifies fisheries support policies consistently and transparently, to facilitate their evaluation against defined objectives. The database records support to fisheries in two main categories of policies: support for services to the sector (which comprises investment in management, research, or infrastructure, for example) and direct support to individuals and companies in the fisheries sector (such as fuel and vessel subsidies, income support, or payments for capacity reduction).

Please also refer to the information under “Cross-sectoral and economywide”. Data sources listed therein can contain relevant information on fisheries subsidies.