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Industrial sectors

Evidence on the scope and scale of government support in industrial sectors remains relatively scarce. The complexity of industrial support can also obscure the true amount of support being provided. 

The OECD uses an innovative approach based on using firm level data to measure support that companies receive across a range of industrial sectors.  The granular evidence thus obtained from subsidy recipients casts an unprecedented light on the various ways in which governments support manufacturers, including government grants, corporate tax concessions, debt and equity financing provided on below-market terms, and subsidized energy inputs. Resources include deep dive studies that have examined support received by firms in the aluminum, semiconductor, and rolling stock value chains, as well as below-market finance across 13 industrial sectors and below market energy inputs across four energy-intensive industries. A synthesis report draws together major messages from the work to date.

Please also refer to the information under “Cross-sectoral and economywide”. Data sources listed therein can contain relevant information on industrial subsidies.